Getting Started with IntelliJ IDEA Book Review

If you’re looking for a resource to help you navigate and understand the IntelliJ interface, and are looking for a good reference based on the topics you can see in the table of contents, you’ll find this book helpful. It’s very thorough, and also gives you some information for adapting to IntelliJ if you are coming from a different IDE. But the book will be more helpful to you if you’re looking for more information on the topics it covers in each chapter, as opposed to trying to read it straight through.

You can pick it up now if you’re interested at:

Android Studio Application Development Book Review Giveaway!

I recently reviewed “Android Studio Application Development”, and Packt Publishing has been gracious enough to allow me to raffle off 3 e-copies of the book!

Comment, and let me know why you would be interested in the book, and I’ll use a random number generator to select 3 people! So then check back (or leave your email address and name and I’ll contact you if you won, and forward the info to Packt Pub for them to add the book to your account)!

Tutorial links fixed!

The tutorials links were recently missing when I changed hosts.

To make it easier when I update articles, I have all the links for a tutorial series in one file that gets included via php.

My old host, I wasn’t able to use relative links, so used absolute HTTP links. My new one (with default php settings), disables absolute include links (HTTP), which seems to be a security issue (someone could hack you page and have it include a php file from their server).

So, I went through, and they should all be updated and linking correctly (showing all parts in a tutorial series, at the end, and under the tutorial category page).

Hope that makes it easier to go through a tutorial again!

Great deal on technical books at PacktPub for a limited time(till January 3rd)!

$5 ebook Bonanza2
PackPub $5 Everything deal!

Awesome news for anyone looking to learn some new topics this holiday season! Pack Publishing is offering ALL of their e-books AND video tutorials for only $5 a piece!

For game development related topics, and for general computer/ technology tutorials/ books, they seem to have the most, and up to date content. If you’ve been thinking of learning LibGDX, Java, C#, Unity, HTML5, Web development, whatever, all the books are only $5!
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Pickup a great LibGDX tutorial book that I was one of the technical reviewers for!

Learning LibGDX Game Development is a great LibGDX tutorial book that I have the pleasure to be associated with :D

I mainly just double checked everything, made sure it was easy enough to follow, but the author did a surprisingly concise, yet well thought out series of tutorials, culminating in having a finished “runner” type game, using LibGDX, so you can deploy to Android, PC, Linux, Mac, even iOS now.

I learned some things about Scene2d, and I can say if you’re interested in saving some time trying to learn al; by yourself, this will give you an enormous head start.

I got a copy of the book, and my name on it, but don’t get anything else for being a technical reviewer, but I would have bought the book based on the content. Check out the table of contents for an idea of the awesome stuff it covers, you’re pretty much guarenteed to learn a lot from it.

You can pick it up from their website now at:

Android Studio Application Development Book Review

I was able to get a chance to read from packt publishing, and wanted to share my review.

My overview is that it is useful for understanding the interface of Android studio, and learning the basics of how to use it.

The book explains the how to setup a project, configure Android studio, and steps you through how you would do common things that you would need to be able to do when setting up an app, changing the design, and compiling and debugging it. The book does not give you a complete tutorial of creating an application using Android Studio, but just how to actually use Android studio, and getting you comfortable/ understanding the interface. If you are new to Android development, this book will walk you through the interface, but will not teach you how to create different types of apps. If you are an existing developer using eclipse, this book will give you a head start on understanding the interface, and where to find things that you are used to using.

You can pick it up now if you’re interested at:

Awesome destructible terrain demo using Box2d on Emanuele Feronato’s site!!

Check out this awesome demo, making destructible terrain in Box2s on Emanuele’s site! Does anyone remember “Scorched Earth”? It was a freeware game from the 90′s that pre-dated worms, with similar gameplay, that allowed multiplayer, same screen battles that I used to play with my sister for hours.

I’d love to make a Android version of this, if for nothing else but the nostalgic, awesome gameplay!

Unity basic for Android and iOS now free!

Good news for all you other indie developers out there- Unity basic for Android and iOS is now free!

Unity basic seems like it would be more than sufficient for the needs of most indie developers. This means that there will be a lot more people trying out Unity, publishing games, and making the platform stronger. Plus, the Unity developers will probably still make a good amount of money from additional purchases in the asset store.

I had been holding off developing in Unity until my current games could be generating enough income to easily justify the purchase, or for when I started going towards more 3d games, but I think I will try to publish a Unity game within the next couple months, to really test out the platform.

Mastering UDK Game Development Review

Good book to learn how to create non FPS game genre’s with UDK.

This book provides information specifically on how to start creating different types of games using the UDK, but it’s aimed at level designers, or at least someone who knows their way around using the UDK, but might not be comfortable using straight UnrealScript. A better title for the book might have been “How to create several unique game genere’s using UDK and Kismet: for intermediate users”, because for that, the book is actually pretty good.

The author walks you through everything, and you’ll be amazed at the stuff you can create with the UDK, if you’re an intermediate user, or even a beginner equipped with ‘Google’. You can then dream up ways to customize it, to make the games your own, and expand on them, and fill them out. My main complaint with the book is that although it does step you through everything nicely, there isn’t a lot of explanation about why you do stuff- you would have to go back and play more on your own to understand it better, or have hopefully already used the tools, and understand how they affect your game.

I would recommend this book for anyone who is interested in how to use UDK to setup a basic game of the genres listed in the ‘table of contents’, and who doesn’t want to delve into programming yet. But you’ll have an easier time if you have had some experience with UDK before.

You can pick it up from:

Selenium 2 Testing Tools Review

Great overview of Selenium 2, and how to get started running tests.

The author covers a good overview of what Selenium 2 is, which includes the differences between Selenium IDE, grid, RC and the WebDriver. It is basically a “cookbook”- with information on how to record tests, setup different tests, test new HTML5 features, test on different platforms, including mobile, and generally giving you the tools to create tests for a variety of situations.
If you are looking to get started with Selenium 2, and looking for a book that contains a good overview, and enough to get you setup, this is a great book. If you are looking to learn Java, this is not the book for you. Selenium is used to create automated tests of websites, so you can quickly test to make sure regular updates/changes haven’t broken your website.

You can pick it up from:



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