Solved resize problem/ scaling and aspect problem in flash as3…

I’ve been thinking about setting up my game for redoing the size of the graphics, so computers with high resolution displays(like mine and most gamers) could benefit from the look of the game, as well as people with small screens(800×600 -1024×768- average mid west american).
On setting flash to scale to 100% width and height, it would scale the game as if the browser was 2/3s larger…
I googled, tried many “fixes”, including editing and changing as3 code to try and deal with it.

What finally ended up working?

Publishing for flash player 10.1 instead of 9- apparently flash player 9 is not compatible with full screen flash- done correctly 😮

Another reason to look into unity3d, of methods of using javascript for games….

I would say flash only has as many bugs hidden in it as the amount of time flash IDE crashes – sometimes 0x in a day, to over 1x a minute!

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