Quick Note About Text Not Showing Up or Displaying in Flash

I created a few buttons, and have some default text for them. When I import them into FlashDevelop and try to update the text on the buttons, it just shows blanks.

Flash famously have severe problems when working with/ embedding text. Normally if you do not embed text, Flash will try to find the font on your computer, and fall back on a default font if the one specified in the SWF doesn’t exist on your computer.

Apparently that doesn’t work anymore- So if you have a problem with text not showing in your swf after having the default text show find, test out using some of the characters from the default text, and see if it only shows those characters.

To fix it, in the flash IDE select your textfield, under the properties panel select the button “embed”, and select ‘All’ to be safe, or decide on what characters you’ll need and embed them.


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