Learning Adobe Edge Animate Review


Create rich HTML5 applications and websites by the end of the book!

The author seems to be both knowledgeable with using Flash, and HTML5, and explains the capabilities and limitations of Adobe Edge Animate, to publish HTML5 content, as compared to Flash. He also includes detailed information of what you can expect from Adobe Edge Animate vs. Flash, but does not require you to have ever used Flash.

The book covers the tools and the interface extensively, so you will become comfortable with the interface.
It also works through many examples that you will need when creating a website or animation, such as how to use different fonts (and the options available), importing vector and rasterized graphics, from other adobe products and in general, and creating animations and adding interactivity to your content.

The book gives you many tools that you can use to create websites based on HTML5 and CSS3, with complicated animations, and interactions that will work for modern and mobile browsers.

You can pick up the book here:

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