Development Blog: 2d side scrolling mining game- on screen controls, basic animation

Try it here:

I got rid of it rendering tiles off screen, and increased the world size (which decreased the steepness of the hills for now).

I also added touch screen support (jumping and moving), figured out how I want to handle different resolutions, and changed in a basic guy graphic and background.

I will probably add the ability to “harvest” blocks, and put them down again, since that is the major mechanic. Some problems I have to figure out- the smallest level size in Terraria causes an “outofmemory error” on android… so I’m going to try to lean down my tiles to see if it works- or will have to generate the tiles as needed like minecraft does, and only keep the tiles loaded that are near the player…..

Also, figuring out how to tunnel out caves into the level, and branching caves.

(also- it seems to have hick ups when running in firefox, but not chrome…)


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