Android Studio Application Development Book Review

I was able to get a chance to read from packt publishing, and wanted to share my review.

My overview is that it is useful for understanding the interface of Android studio, and learning the basics of how to use it.

The book explains the how to setup a project, configure Android studio, and steps you through how you would do common things that you would need to be able to do when setting up an app, changing the design, and compiling and debugging it. The book does not give you a complete tutorial of creating an application using Android Studio, but just how to actually use Android studio, and getting you comfortable/ understanding the interface. If you are new to Android development, this book will walk you through the interface, but will not teach you how to create different types of apps. If you are an existing developer using eclipse, this book will give you a head start on understanding the interface, and where to find things that you are used to using.

You can pick it up now if you’re interested at:


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