Development Blog: 2d side scrolling mining game- on screen controls, basic animation

Try it here:

I got rid of it rendering tiles off screen, and increased the world size (which decreased the steepness of the hills for now).

I also added touch screen support (jumping and moving), figured out how I want to handle different resolutions, and changed in a basic guy graphic and background.

I will probably add the ability to “harvest” blocks, and put them down again, since that is the major mechanic. Some problems I have to figure out- the smallest level size in Terraria causes an “outofmemory error” on android… so I’m going to try to lean down my tiles to see if it works- or will have to generate the tiles as needed like minecraft does, and only keep the tiles loaded that are near the player…..

Also, figuring out how to tunnel out caves into the level, and branching caves.

(also- it seems to have hick ups when running in firefox, but not chrome…)

Development Blog: 2d side scrolling mining game


I wanted to document my progress on my new game, which is a 2d side scrolling, mining type game, somewhat similar to Minecraft or Terraria, or the hundreds of other games somewhat like that out these days. I noticed that there are no good ones on the Android Market/ Google play, and I’d personally like to be able to build/ play on my Android.

I also will be using my code from another game, to have multiplayer added in from early on in the game. Looking at Terraria- the guy who made it started with a “Super Mario Bros” clone.
I’ve wanted to create a 2d side scrolling game similar to Mario Bros, and Commander Keen with decent production value for some time, so this project should help satisfy that longing as well.


Looking at Terraria, everything that is in there would take me a very, very long time to create, it’s is quite an impressive game. So, initially I only hope to have the same basic functionality as Minecraft or Terraria, which would be being able to move around in the world, and being able to harvest and replace blocks.

Then, I will start adding in crafting, and monsters, and expand from there. I would really like to add some unique elements to the game. I’ve thought from the beginning, when you can jump up into “space” in Terraria when you get too high- that it would be cool to have space stations, or even a minimum amount of space area to explore- such as a “moon”/satellite environment.

I would have also liked to have villages in the game with… “smarter” NPC’s, so that the world would become more alive. Add more RPG elements to the game as well- since both other games borrow from the genre.

Initial Progress

Well, the first step in creating any side scroller, that is tile based, is to create tiles. So I created a very small, tiled world, partially “air” and partially “dirt”.


Next step

The next step will be to add “character blocks” (about 1.5 width/height in hit area) to the world, and allow control, as well as have the camera following it.

Ackmi Dress Up 2 released!!!

Ackmi Dress Up 2 has finally been released after many months of development!

You can now download Ackmi Dress Up 2 on your Android Device from the market:

You can also play the game in your browser on your PC at:

Or install on the chrome store at:

Zombie Marshmallows From Space!!!

I had worked on a flash prototype a few years ago, and enjoyed the basic gameplay, so finally got around to finishing it off enough to make it a basic game, and have it now on google play.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Lots of stuff I’d still like to add, but want to see if people would be interested in it. The basic gameplay is fun, and has a lot of areas where I can expand on it/ enhance, add more stuff.

Our Fluffles Beta physics puzzle game released on Android Market!

Save the Fluffles! Fling them home through space in this new physics puzzle game
Help save the Fluffles and bring them home. Fling through space using your stored energy to get through the galaxy to get you back home with your friends. Carefully go through obstacles like spikes, black holes, and more! Help save the Fluffles and become a hero!
Have more fun with Fluffles by creating and playing your own levels with the built-in level editor. Challenge your friends and see if they can master your creations.
Don’t delay help the Fluffles today!
This physics based puzzle game is in the same category as Angry Birds. This is the BETA version. Like Minecraft, we will be continuously adding new features based on our players feedback. The initial release of the game includes the initial obstacles in 30 new levels. We will be adding more obstacles, powerups, enemies, and different environments! Help contribute to the advanced features being added into the game by leaving your feedback!

Download it Now!

Want it more challenging? More enemies, obstacles or features in the level designer? Let Us know! Just like the Fluffles, this game will evolve with your help!
– Please send bug reports and feedback to
– This is the free version, supported with in app ads.
– Like us on Facebook:
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– Leave comments on our blog at:
Leave 5 stars to let us know you enjoy the game! If you leave less than 5 stars, please let us know what we can do to improve it to a 5-star rating!

Game Competitions

There are a couple game competitions that I know of right now, and I wanted to share with everyone.

Jonathan Harbour RTS game contest for beginners
(Due 12/25/2011) Jonathan Harbour has a contest for beginners to develop their own real time strategy(RTS) game, and has some prizes as well.

It would be a good excuse to work on a new game, and you don’t even have to have scrolling- just one screen. Don’t let that fool you though, any game project still requires work and determination 😀

1st Place Prize: App Game Kit (AGK) – Retail value: $112!

2nd Place Prize: $30 voucher for the TGC Store!

Intel Level Up 2011
(Due 3/19/2012) Also, the “Intel Level Up 2011” game competition is finally up. It’s almost 2012, but the prizes are pretty nice, though the competition is not just beginners, but also includes students and Indie companies.

Level Up 2011 Competition

I’m currently working on the RTS one, and you can see my latest demo here(although fill in graphics, and lots of bugs still – but a week to finish :D):

Ackmi Dress Up for Android on the Market!!

Sorry about the lack of updates and additional tutorials lately. I have been busy trying to finish my first android game with my fiance.

I have been learning how to program using the libgdx game framework, and it makes the whole process of programming an openGL based game much smoother.

It’s a game used to create your own avatar, somewhat like a virtual barbie dress up game, so aimed more at girls. It is really more of a “toy” than a game as of right now, but we do have plans for adding goals, rewards and feedback to convert the customization system into a game with many hours of re-playability.

I will be posting tutorials on how to use it to create your own android games in the next few posts.

In the mean time, check out the android app, let me know what you think and provide feedback!

Our company website:

The link on the app store:

Working on NetBook game (SpellBinder) for the Intel Level Up 2010!

I’ve been working on a game for the Intel Level Up 2010 Competition. I had posted an idea, but hadn’t had time to work on it much, but got selected as a finalist for the Netbook section!

It’s a side scroller / platformer game using box2d for interesting game play additions.

Due in the end of September, so I have a little over a month. Have finished a lot of the basic gameplay interactions (2/3rds) but still have a ton of work to do. Level design, game play design, artwork, bug testing, and converting to c++ for a major boost in speed.

The demo is at:

Adding User interface to diablo flash game (Nemesis)

I re-added the ability to create items with the item manager today, and “pick up” the items.

The problem is, to get the items back to full functionality, I need a window system for the inventory window. Beyond that, for character traits/states/exp, and quests, I need windows as well.

So I tried out creating a basic game starting interface, and a pause menu for the game, and the engines UI portion works beautifully, quickly, and just the way it needs to.

Now I need to create the different in game windows, skin them, and make sure positioning works- though I may have to add that if I haven’t already, as well as adding optional “limits” to where the windows can be dragged, so they are not dragged outside the visible area.

Also, may have to have groups- so that they know which one is selected, and will bring those to the front.

Lots to do- I am hoping to start using agile software development techniques to aid me in finishing this monstrosity. I still need to get at least screen shots of my other game “MadWand” before August, for the intel game competition. It would add a chance of making money, and more importantly getting publicity. I first need to  have a few iterations of creating games proficiently before I can start creating them at a decent rate, but at that time I would like to be setup to be able to create flash, desktop, and android games, even if just ports of the same game at first.

Well, back to work before my gf gets off of school at 10pm! have about 15minutes to try to get the game windows created, skinned, and determine which features need to be re-added to the window class-