I live in Arizona, and have all my life. I have always been interested in science and how things work from a early age, and have always known I’d want to work in a scientific field. I first started using computers to play games – my dad had an old monochrome computer with 5.25″ floppies that I would play games on. I eventually moved onto games like doom and wing commander, and loved the multiplayer aspect of it. That is one reason why you’ll find references to games and creating games on this site.

I graduated from ASU with a degree in Bioengineering. I learned quite a bit about engineering, but also realized I have stronger interests in designing, creating and engineering. I have been coding part time for several years. I had started in computer science at MCC, but transferred into Bioengineering to try to use computer science with biology to try to try to understand both better, and how technology could help with biological problems.

I have many of my own Projects as well. I have programmed and designed a 2d real-time strategy game, and am currently working on more gaming projects. I also run my own web server, and am constantly updating and learning more about the process. I have been working with computer hardware since I started using computers – to fix the many problems that come up while operating a computer. I’ve built all my own computers, and am currently using a 1.8ghz core 2 duo overclocked to 3.2ghz on watercooling.

I have been working in web development over the past year, creating websites and more using HTML,CSS,Javascript,PHP, AJAX, and Flash.

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