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  • Getting Started with IntelliJ IDEA Book Review

    If you’re looking for a resource to help you navigate and understand the IntelliJ interface, and are looking for a good reference based on the topics you can see in the table of contents, you’ll find this book helpful. It’s very thorough, and also gives you some information for adapting to IntelliJ if you are […]

  • Great deal on technical books at PacktPub for a limited time(till January 3rd)!

    PackPub $5 Everything deal! Awesome news for anyone looking to learn some new topics this holiday season! Pack Publishing is offering ALL of their e-books AND video tutorials for only $5 a piece! For game development related topics, and for general computer/ technology tutorials/ books, they seem to have the most, and up to date […]

  • Android Studio Application Development Book Review

    I was able to get a chance to read from packt publishing, and wanted to share my review. My overview is that it is useful for understanding the interface of Android studio, and learning the basics of how to use it. The book explains the how to setup a project, configure Android studio, and steps […]

  • Mastering UDK Game Development Review

    Good book to learn how to create non FPS game genre’s with UDK. This book provides information specifically on how to start creating different types of games using the UDK, but it’s aimed at level designers, or at least someone who knows their way around using the UDK, but might not be comfortable using straight […]

  • Selenium 2 Testing Tools Review

    Great overview of Selenium 2, and how to get started running tests. The author covers a good overview of what Selenium 2 is, which includes the differences between Selenium IDE, grid, RC and the WebDriver. It is basically a “cookbook”- with information on how to record tests, setup different tests, test new HTML5 features, test […]

  • Sonar Code Quality Testing Essentials Review

    If you are looking for a tool to aid with the QA of your projects this is a great book to get you setup and working with Sonar. If you are new to Sonar, the book gets you started with an overview of how it is used, what it is capable of, and what makes […]

  • AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook Review

    I really enjoyed this book because it appears to be helpful both to game developers who want to start using the AndEngine, as well as people that might be new to game development in general. Every cookbook “recipe” is something that you will need to use eventually while programming games, but it’s laid out so […]

  • Learning Adobe Muse Review

    Learn to use Muse to create websites without learning HTML and CSS If you have wanted to create websites, but would rather focus on design instead of needing to first learn HTML and CSS, Adobe Muse will get you there, and this book will teach you how to use it. The book walks you through […]

  • Learning Adobe Edge Animate Review

    Create rich HTML5 applications and websites by the end of the book! The author seems to be both knowledgeable with using Flash, and HTML5, and explains the capabilities and limitations of Adobe Edge Animate, to publish HTML5 content, as compared to Flash. He also includes detailed information of what you can expect from Adobe Edge […]

  • HTML5 Video How-to Review

    Everything you would want to know about HTML5 video and more. If you are interested in displaying HTML5 video on your website, and want to know all the intricacies and challenges, this is a great book to get you started. The book covers converting your video to different HTML5 compliant codecs and formats, how to […]