Learning Adobe Muse Review

Learn to use Muse to create websites without learning HTML and CSS

If you have wanted to create websites, but would rather focus on design instead of needing to first learn HTML and CSS, Adobe Muse will get you there, and this book will teach you how to use it.

The book walks you through learning the interface and panels, but also uses goes through many examples, showing how you can create content, styling, and different effects in Muse.

The book is catered more towards beginners, showing you concepts that are valuable outside even using Muse, such as planning out the design of your site, wireframing before creating, and teaching you how to create websites efficiently. You will learn everything you need to learn to get a website online, adding text, images, styling, adding widgets, how to test your site for multiple browsers, and even ways to publish your final site online.

If you’re a designer, and interested in using Muse to speed up your workflow, or if you are a beginner who hasn’t created a website before, but interested in learning valuable tools without learning HTML and CSS up front, this is a great book to get you going.

You can pick up the book here:

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