Author: Chris Moeller

  • STEM Student’s Guide to Learning to Code and Design Video Games

    Here’s some game development resources LouAnne and Amelia asked me to share on the site that other people might also find useful that includes a breakdown on the different stages involved in game design and development: Thanks LouAnne and Amelia, hope other people find it useful too!

  • Resources for people who want to get into game development

    Hey guys, someone contacted me about adding some more resources for people who want to get into Game Development. Their daughter Sarah found this as a helpful resource, and it looks to have a lot of good info, so hopefully it can help you guys too! Programming Guide For Video-Gamers: It contains information on […]

  • Using Cordova and PhoneGap: Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON

    Using Cordova and PhoneGap: Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON

    For anyone testing out their Javascript application on Android using Cordova or PhoneGap, you’ll probably run into this error. (If you’re debugging using the chrome developer tools). For some reason it seems to add HTMLElements onto your Javascript objects…. Which become apparent when you try to use JSON to stringify them. I finally found the […]

  • How to Get Distance field fonts in LibGDX using Hiero, and finding an updated version of Hiero

    Distance fields are used in LibGDX for being able to make fonts clearer when resizing them, which allows you to have clearer text using just one font size on all devices instead of needing to include several (or have low quality looking text) LibGDX Wiki Instructions, or what not to do The LibGDX official wiki […]

  • Back from a long hiatus!

    I haven’t been very active on the blog lately for two reasons. 1) The website was going down daily because host gator, and now Linode was detecting too much disk access (from people trying to hack the server)- I guess any site that has been around long enough will have hundreds of bots brute forcing […]

  • Getting Started with IntelliJ IDEA Book Review

    If you’re looking for a resource to help you navigate and understand the IntelliJ interface, and are looking for a good reference based on the topics you can see in the table of contents, you’ll find this book helpful. It’s very thorough, and also gives you some information for adapting to IntelliJ if you are […]

  • Android Studio Application Development Book Review Giveaway!

    I recently reviewed “Android Studio Application Development”, and Packt Publishing has been gracious enough to allow me to raffle off 3 e-copies of the book! Comment, and let me know why you would be interested in the book, and I’ll use a random number generator to select 3 people! So then check back (or leave […]

  • Tutorial links fixed!

    The tutorials links were recently missing when I changed hosts. To make it easier when I update articles, I have all the links for a tutorial series in one file that gets included via php. My old host, I wasn’t able to use relative links, so used absolute HTTP links. My new one (with default […]

  • Great deal on technical books at PacktPub for a limited time(till January 3rd)!

    PackPub $5 Everything deal! Awesome news for anyone looking to learn some new topics this holiday season! Pack Publishing is offering ALL of their e-books AND video tutorials for only $5 a piece! For game development related topics, and for general computer/ technology tutorials/ books, they seem to have the most, and up to date […]

  • Pickup a great LibGDX tutorial book that I was one of the technical reviewers for!

    Learning LibGDX Game Development is a great LibGDX tutorial book that I have the pleasure to be associated with 😀 I mainly just double checked everything, made sure it was easy enough to follow, but the author did a surprisingly concise, yet well thought out series of tutorials, culminating in having a finished “runner” type […]