Working on game engine

I’ve been pretty busy with the holidays and work, but I’m still working on creating a game engine. I’ve got my set of books to go off of, and have their code compiling correctly, so the next step is to base my structure of off theirs, and add what I find important.

Since rendering is going to be the first step to see visually how things are working, that is my first step. I am going to change the basic advanced 2d engine to work with openGL and add the supporting functions to create and render boxes. Next I want to implement mouse+keyboard control and a camera system. From there, a terrain system based on the 3d RTS game book.

*Create basic engine structure supporting openGL
*Create box structure and render to screen
*Create input structure for mouse and keyboard (WASD + mouse look)
*create camera Structure
*Create terrain structure

Welcome to my website

Hi, welcome to my site!

This is my new site to document my progress with programming. Check out my portfolio and my games section. I will update this fairly often with just random thoughts as I go.

I have a finished asteroids like game on my games page- check it out and post what you think about it in the forums! Ask questions there, comments, or anything random!

Working on Tower Defense game based on J.R.R Tolkien and Warcraft worlds

I’ve got the basic code done to run a level… just need to expand it for multiple levels, cut scenes, ect.
Doing the artwork myself at first… not the best looking, but I have to learn perspective, shading and highlights, and a lot of other stuff. Let me know if you know of any resources to become a better artist!

Basic map layout and look for background

Basic arrow shooting building (steampunk style)

Basic resource gathering Gnome

Basic Orc

Attempts at making the wheelbarrow for resources