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  • Released my “Learn JavaScript using Game Programming” book on Amazon

    Hey everyone, I released my “Learn JavaScript using Game Programming” book on Amazon. If you have Kindle unlimited, it’s free to read, and I get paid by the number of pages read. If you’re interested in learning programming, or game development, it should be useful to you. The book goes through: • Setting up your […]

  • STEM Student’s Guide to Learning to Code and Design Video Games

    Here’s some game development resources LouAnne and Amelia asked me to share on the site that other people might also find useful that includes a breakdown on the different stages involved in game design and development: Thanks LouAnne and Amelia, hope other people find it useful too!

  • Resources for people who want to get into game development

    Hey guys, someone contacted me about adding some more resources for people who want to get into Game Development. Their daughter Sarah found this as a helpful resource, and it looks to have a lot of good info, so hopefully it can help you guys too! Programming Guide For Video-Gamers: It contains information on […]

  • Tron: Legacy’ Review

    I have been waiting to see  ‘Tron: Legacy’ since the first day I saw the first trailer. I had seen the original years after it had come out, in a time when the graphics were already quite old, yet I found it a very fascinating overall story, and a unique visual theme. The Tron Legacy […]

  • New Blog about New topics in computer graphics!

    I’ve decided to start this blog to talk about new games / movies, short movies and even ads that are visually impressive (and backed by good content). I’ve been into cg for a long time, and have been using 3d studio max since R3, but have focused more on programming. Still, my favorite movies of […]

  • Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Review…

    I renter “Spiderman Shattered Dimensions” for wii to try it out, since I like a good spiderman game. To sum it up in one sentence: one of the worst spiderman games I’ve played. The reviews are a little above average, and the concept sounds cool, but the controls are frustratingly bad. I’ve had to go […]

  • Solved resize problem/ scaling and aspect problem in flash as3…

    I’ve been thinking about setting up my game for redoing the size of the graphics, so computers with high resolution displays(like mine and most gamers) could benefit from the look of the game, as well as people with small screens(800×600 -1024×768- average mid west american).On setting flash to scale to 100% width and height, it […]

  • Trying Ubuntu again….

    Ok, Ubuntu is now up to 10.04, so I think it’s time to try it again since the last time I tried it (9.04? Hardy Heron). It looks pretty cool like before so far, but some major inconveniences that they haven’t fixed yet. A “security feature” is asking you for your password on anything it has to […]

  • Also a Quick Note…

    Also, for more info, check out to see my webpage and tutorials on basic game and web development. I have been working a bit again in javascript, and have made some interactive applications. I need to find a way to program in a object oriented method like in actionscript, c++, java, ect. I can create […]

  • Forum fixed, and contact form working!

    I was able to finally get past the difficulties updating the forum (due to a custom skin), and have it updated, so it won’t be going down again. I updated since the old version of phpbb got about 8 spammer accounts a day, even though the forums are pretty dead. Also, I realized my contact […]