Forum fixed, and contact form working!

I was able to finally get past the difficulties updating the forum (due to a custom skin), and have it updated, so it won’t be going down again.

I updated since the old version of phpbb got about 8 spammer accounts a day, even though the forums are pretty dead.

Also, I realized my contact form had been submitting to nowhere for quite some time, and fixed it so it actually emails me.

Game programming

Other than that, I’ve still been working on the RPG flash game, I’m re-doing the look of the NPC dialog box to make it look better, and be simpler to interact with.

After that I’ll start putting together simple quests with the NPC’s, monsters and items, make sure all fighting animations work and look good, and continue working on the artwork/graphics.

I am also exploring building android applications, and will start some openGL based 2d classic arcade game clones very soon!

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