Category: Web Development

  • Tutorial links fixed!

    The tutorials links were recently missing when I changed hosts. To make it easier when I update articles, I have all the links for a tutorial series in one file that gets included via php. My old host, I wasn’t able to use relative links, so used absolute HTTP links. My new one (with default […]

  • Learning Adobe Muse Review

    Learn to use Muse to create websites without learning HTML and CSS If you have wanted to create websites, but would rather focus on design instead of needing to first learn HTML and CSS, Adobe Muse will get you there, and this book will teach you how to use it. The book walks you through […]

  • WebGL Beginner’s Guide Review

    If you have wanted to start learning any kind of OpenGL, WebGL is a great way to start learning. This book provides a lot of information about using WebGL, from just introducing the canvas tag, to actually loading models from Blender in obj format, picking geometry using the mouse and ray tracing, and even using […]

  • OpenNebula 3 Cloud Computing Review

    If you have been looking into understanding, and seeing how to setup your own cloud solution, this is a great book. The book starts with an overview of OpenNebula, then into all the different things you’ll have to consider when starting, and setting up Open Nebula. You’ll learn how to everything up, what hardware you […]

  • Moodle Gradebook Review

    Comprehensive introduction to using the gradebook in Moodle. If you have used Moodle before, but would like more detailed help using the gradebook, this book is great. This books starts with an introduction to the gradebook, but quickly covers more advanced topics, such as using your own scale for grades, using letter or words instead […]

  • CakePHP 1.3 Application Development Cookbook Review

    I have been developing web sites and web applications for several years now, but have been wanting to try out a PHP development framework to take care of not having to program lower level functionality, which would also let me develop applications in much less time. CakePHP is a php, rapid development framework, and the […]

  • SVN in Shared Hosting with Hostgator

    I’ve wanted to setup an SVN server for personal use, and to keep files current between my fiance and me when we’re working on the same project. So far I’ve resorted to using a flash drive, but sometimes it takes a while to check which machine or flash drive has the latest copy of my […]