CakePHP 1.3 Application Development Cookbook Review

I have been developing web sites and web applications for several years now, but have been wanting to try out a PHP development framework to take care of not having to program lower level functionality, which would also let me develop applications in much less time.

CakePHP is a php, rapid development framework, and the tutorials on the site walk you through creating a basic blog application in relatively little time.
The CakePHP 1.3 Application Development Cookbook, like all “Cookbooks”, gives you many code snippets to create commonly needed systems, which are used to create complex applications.

Chapter List

The chapter list from the books table of contents includes:

1. Authentication
2. Model Bindings
3. Pushing the Search
4. Validation and Behaviors
5. Datasources
6. Routing Magic
7. Creating and Consuming Web Services
8. Working with Shells
9. Internationalizing Applications
10. Testing
11. Utility Classes and Tools


The book covers a wide range of topics that would be useful in most applications that you are likely to develop. From creating a user login and authorization system, or using the OpenID system to login users, to gathering data from different sources, such as CSV files, RSS feeds and even twitter, there are many different recipes that are invaluable, and save time when working with CakePHP to create online applications.

It is worth noting though that this book is not aimed at beginners to CakePHP, and although you could understand the code after at least completing the blog tutorial on the CakePHP site, the book will be most valuable to developers who have used CakePHP before, and need to integrate any of the normal systems that the book covers into their CakPHP based application.

Overall it is a very helpful cookbook type book for finding recipes for adding useful functionality to your CakePHP applications.

You can pick it up at the Packt Publishing site here:

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