Packt Publishing 30% of open source ebooks

I’ve been getting a lot of my technical books from Packt Publishing, as they seem to have a ton of tech books, and e-book copies of everything, so I don’t have to wait to read them.

If you’ve been interested in any of their open source based software books, they are going to be on sale for 30% off on e-books (and 20% on printed copies) starting July 4th.

Some that I will be looking at in the next few weeks will be ‘PHP jQuery Cookbook’, ‘PHP 5 Social Networking’, ‘Inkscape 0.48 Essentials for Web Designers’ (vector based graphics program, and ‘Blender 2.5 Lighting and Rendering’, although they have quite a few more books offered for the discount as well.

Apparently they have also donated over $300k to open sourced projects this year as well, which is pretty cool that they are helping to support the open source community.

I’ve got lots of good reading to do!

You can see the books discounted here:

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