Ackmi Dress Up for Android on the Market!!

Sorry about the lack of updates and additional tutorials lately. I have been busy trying to finish my first android game with my fiance.

I have been learning how to program using the libgdx game framework, and it makes the whole process of programming an openGL based game much smoother.

It’s a game used to create your own avatar, somewhat like a virtual barbie dress up game, so aimed more at girls. It is really more of a “toy” than a game as of right now, but we do have plans for adding goals, rewards and feedback to convert the customization system into a game with many hours of re-playability.

I will be posting tutorials on how to use it to create your own android games in the next few posts.

In the mean time, check out the android app, let me know what you think and provide feedback!

Our company website:

The link on the app store:

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