Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Review…

I renter “Spiderman Shattered Dimensions” for wii to try it out, since I like a good spiderman game.

To sum it up in one sentence: one of the worst spiderman games I’ve played.

The reviews are a little above average, and the concept sounds cool, but the controls are frustratingly bad. I’ve had to go through several sections repeatedly because they don’t respond consistently.
In the electro level for instance, there are green “electro shooters” that zap you with green beams. How to kill them? Simple, just zip over and blamo. Right? Nope- for some reason every time you use the “zip over there” button/motion, spiderman targets the biggest or sometimes closest enemy… so you can’t take them out until you finish off all the other guys, or manage to get right next to them, which defeats the purpose of web zipping.

Add to that the inability to web 90% of the time- the key doesn’t work. Tap jump twice to use a web to get up higher… doesn’t work most times.. Tap another key to web sling…. which again doesn’t work half the time.

The only real controls that work are walking around and jumping- web zipping to guys only works if there are only ground guys, all about the same level.

I couldn’t really recommend the game, except for tips for other developers how to develop frustrating, non-consistent control schemes. Other than being unable to control your character in almost every situation, it seemed to have potential.

It’s obvious that there is a lot of work put into the game, but they really shouldn’t have moved beyond the design phase if they couldn’t get the controls down with the different types of enemies they have. They work great for simple enemies, but anything more advanced, and it’s “kaput”!

Web of shadows was a far more enjoyable game, even if it had fairly repetitive play (how else are you going to make a game last 10hrs?)

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