Good progress on game editors

I’ve been working a lot on the map, and dialogue editors for the game. Still need to work on the quest editor, but that should be easiest.

I’ve also been developing a decent set of UI components in both of the editors that I can style differently and use in the game. Things like a 2d scrollable window, a class to handle, position, and handle children of those windows, and much more.

Right now I am again back to focusing on graphics. Worked a lot on trying to make realistic cartoon grass, but I think the details on top of the grass will be what makes the world more “3d” . So now that I have some decent looking roads and base grass tiles done, I’m going to be modeling and rendering out the other objects in the game.

Need to add:

-ditches/holes in the earth
-buildings (1 and 2 story along with round ones)

After that, I’ll clean up the characters a bit- fully model the faces, correct the anatomy, and creat new monsters that generate better silhouettes than the wolf.

Finished main game of flash rpg, working on the map editor!

I’ve been working on the flash mmo RPG as much as possible on my offtime, but finally have the dialogue and quest system working properly.

I’ve gotten to the point of needing to start making many levels and quests/stories, so I am working on a map editor, quest editor, and dialogue editor.

The map editor screenshot is from 3 days of after work work. it’s going to be a bit more involved than I originally planned, but I should be able to create maps very quickly this way.

If anyone wants to sign up for the alpha when it is ready send me an email or post on the message board!

New screen shot of Nemesis

I’ve been working on Nemesis as much as I can.
I have all the animations for a basic NPC, wold, and main hero finished.

I recently modeled all the equip-able items so far, and rendered them out with animations, so it will soon be possible to see the items when equipped, as well as better looking items on the item screen and on the ground.

I’ve been playing dragons age lately, and observing what elements I like from their RPG. The game is great! But it might be a different type of play than what Nemesis will be, since it does have a finale, I might need to look more into current MMORPG’s and see what elements are most enjoyable/addictive.

Forum fixed, and contact form working!

I was able to finally get past the difficulties updating the forum (due to a custom skin), and have it updated, so it won’t be going down again.

I updated since the old version of phpbb got about 8 spammer accounts a day, even though the forums are pretty dead.

Also, I realized my contact form had been submitting to nowhere for quite some time, and fixed it so it actually emails me.

Game programming

Other than that, I’ve still been working on the RPG flash game, I’m re-doing the look of the NPC dialog box to make it look better, and be simpler to interact with.

After that I’ll start putting together simple quests with the NPC’s, monsters and items, make sure all fighting animations work and look good, and continue working on the artwork/graphics.

I am also exploring building android applications, and will start some openGL based 2d classic arcade game clones very soon!

Diablo like Flash RPG coming soon!

I’ve still been working on my flash RPG game. I’ve got all the lower level things finished, but trying to polish things up to work better.

It’s an isometric game, and everything is pulled externally from XML files, so it will be possible to add many more enemies, item types, NPC’s, and Quests after the initial few.

I’m not an primarily an artist, but it should look pretty decent when finished.

I’m hoping to have the alpha up here soon!

You can also earn extra money in the game by adding user created content, and since the content is almost completely dynamic, the game has the potential for being able to grow very large.

Let me know if you would be interested in signing up for the closed alpha!

Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots from the last couple of days:

first box’s positioned correctly:

And with camera and floor:First Engine screenshot- nehe cube loaded from mesh(OBJ file) and text loaded from a font jpg, and written out to screen:

A quick rocketship with the text texture on it to demonstrate a model loaded out of 3ds max (the axis’s are in the engine using points)

My old delta flyer model loaded into the engine with the nehe texture:

A quick level modeled in 3ds max imported into the engine and rendered with diffuse lighting and normalsAnother angle:

Basic Camera and Text Output working on engine

I spent the night after work working on the “engine” – have SDL keyboard controlled “camera” working, and added the “camera” to a std:list of “scene objects”, building off of what I saw it the other engine, and trying to structure the basics of my engine in the same way- they were able to build tons into theirs, and I would like to start mine with a good foundation so I can keep building it, with minimal “going back and changing everything”.

Things I finished tonight:

-“Camera” movement via keyboard (through a object pointer stored in a linked list)
-basic text showing onscreen through object interface
-(+ getting the camera working using the linked list was some time- hadn’t used a list before, and forgot I had to declare my inherited objects public: “class glassBox:public Box”)

Since I now have text output to screen, I can debug.

Anyone know if it’s possible to debug using console commands in MSV8.0/2005? Is there a better/easier real-time debugging technique aside from writing to the screen(or text files which isn’t what I need for initially getting things working and seeing whats happening?

Great News!

Someone on gamedev (swiftcoder) had pointed me in a good direction for my engine, irrlicht engine (, which is a multi-platform, multi-rendering API compatible, open source engine!!

Taking a look at the demo’s, some things I could pull out that I need are .X model loading (+skeleton animation), loading levels(which I was going to use .X models, but am still open to others), FPS mouse movement, and probably loads of other things, since it is a fully working 3d engine.

Basically my final idea look pretty simple 😀 But I have to start somewhere… And I want to learn how to create my own engine from scratch before starting to make games, since in the future even if I don’t have to make my own, I might have to modify existing ones to add more features/updates features.

My engine right now has full keyboard movement, basic rendering, and texture loading (based on the SDL_IMAGE library).

Thing to do next are to get the model .X loading working and displaying, and FPS-style movement. From there I can start focusing more on what I need- a physics system (can start from scratch or start with NVIDIA’s free physics engine) and a networking system (basic networking and MMORPG type networking- at least a server for people to connect to and sync with each other)