Basic Camera and Text Output working on engine

I spent the night after work working on the “engine” – have SDL keyboard controlled “camera” working, and added the “camera” to a std:list of “scene objects”, building off of what I saw it the other engine, and trying to structure the basics of my engine in the same way- they were able to build tons into theirs, and I would like to start mine with a good foundation so I can keep building it, with minimal “going back and changing everything”.

Things I finished tonight:

-“Camera” movement via keyboard (through a object pointer stored in a linked list)
-basic text showing onscreen through object interface
-(+ getting the camera working using the linked list was some time- hadn’t used a list before, and forgot I had to declare my inherited objects public: “class glassBox:public Box”)

Since I now have text output to screen, I can debug.

Anyone know if it’s possible to debug using console commands in MSV8.0/2005? Is there a better/easier real-time debugging technique aside from writing to the screen(or text files which isn’t what I need for initially getting things working and seeing whats happening?

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