Good progress on game editors

I’ve been working a lot on the map, and dialogue editors for the game. Still need to work on the quest editor, but that should be easiest.

I’ve also been developing a decent set of UI components in both of the editors that I can style differently and use in the game. Things like a 2d scrollable window, a class to handle, position, and handle children of those windows, and much more.

Right now I am again back to focusing on graphics. Worked a lot on trying to make realistic cartoon grass, but I think the details on top of the grass will be what makes the world more “3d” . So now that I have some decent looking roads and base grass tiles done, I’m going to be modeling and rendering out the other objects in the game.

Need to add:

-ditches/holes in the earth
-buildings (1 and 2 story along with round ones)

After that, I’ll clean up the characters a bit- fully model the faces, correct the anatomy, and creat new monsters that generate better silhouettes than the wolf.

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