Back from a long hiatus!

I haven’t been very active on the blog lately for two reasons.

1) The website was going down daily because host gator, and now Linode was detecting too much disk access (from people trying to hack the server)- I guess any site that has been around long enough will have hundreds of bots brute forcing trying to get control of the server O_o

So I reinstalled linux, and re-setup everything, but the website database was broken because akismet plugin filters out spam comments, but at the cost of bloating the database up to insane sizes, making it completely unusable.

2) Been working full time on my games, trying to pay rent, and buy food. Basically working all the time. We’ve release several games so far, and it has been a learning process because neither me nor my wife had worked at any game companies beforehand (and even they require significant experience before you can work there XD ). So we saw that mobile games were starting to boom, and took a chance at working on them. I’ve been mainly using LibGDX these days, and have created several games. But now that Unity Basic is free, and much faster to actually get your game done (instead of spending weeks creating usable UI, without actually working on gameplay), I’ll be using that more instead.

But I was able to fix the SQL for the database, and get the site live again, so I’ll be posting more tutorials, or at least help for other developers when I run into problems with no existing information out there, or gaping holes in the information they give.

I hope to help many more people get started with creating their own games and applications! It’s difficult to get in without any help, but once you start, you can gain momentum and create the things you’ve dreamed about! (although at 1/10000000 the scope 😉

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