AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook Review

I really enjoyed this book because it appears to be helpful both to game developers who want to start using the AndEngine, as well as people that might be new to game development in general. Every cookbook “recipe” is something that you will need to use eventually while programming games, but it’s laid out so if you are looking for a particular concept you can find it easily, or if you are a beginner to game development, you can read through the book from beginning to end, and get all the tools you will need to create pretty much any game, and get ideas on things that you can add, that you might have not otherwise thought of.

The author touches upon such a wealth of topics, from basic drawing, animated sprites, parallax backgrounds, box2d physics(with many examples), menu systems, and so much more, which makes this book valuable for the solutions that can be applied to other gaming frameworks you chose to use in the future.

The author even includes the source code for a fully professional quality game, and references which recipes were used to create each portion of it!

If you are interested in developing games using AndEngine, this is a great place to start. If you want a book that will stay a valuable reference in your library as you continue down the path of game development, get this book.

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