Mastering UDK Game Development Review

Good book to learn how to create non FPS game genre’s with UDK.

This book provides information specifically on how to start creating different types of games using the UDK, but it’s aimed at level designers, or at least someone who knows their way around using the UDK, but might not be comfortable using straight UnrealScript. A better title for the book might have been “How to create several unique game genere’s using UDK and Kismet: for intermediate users”, because for that, the book is actually pretty good.

The author walks you through everything, and you’ll be amazed at the stuff you can create with the UDK, if you’re an intermediate user, or even a beginner equipped with ‘Google’. You can then dream up ways to customize it, to make the games your own, and expand on them, and fill them out. My main complaint with the book is that although it does step you through everything nicely, there isn’t a lot of explanation about why you do stuff- you would have to go back and play more on your own to understand it better, or have hopefully already used the tools, and understand how they affect your game.

I would recommend this book for anyone who is interested in how to use UDK to setup a basic game of the genres listed in the ‘table of contents’, and who doesn’t want to delve into programming yet. But you’ll have an easier time if you have had some experience with UDK before.

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