Adding User interface to diablo flash game (Nemesis)

I re-added the ability to create items with the item manager today, and “pick up” the items.

The problem is, to get the items back to full functionality, I need a window system for the inventory window. Beyond that, for character traits/states/exp, and quests, I need windows as well.

So I tried out creating a basic game starting interface, and a pause menu for the game, and the engines UI portion works beautifully, quickly, and just the way it needs to.

Now I need to create the different in game windows, skin them, and make sure positioning works- though I may have to add that if I haven’t already, as well as adding optional “limits” to where the windows can be dragged, so they are not dragged outside the visible area.

Also, may have to have groups- so that they know which one is selected, and will bring those to the front.

Lots to do- I am hoping to start using agile software development techniques to aid me in finishing this monstrosity. I still need to get at least screen shots of my other game “MadWand” before August, for the intel game competition. It would add a chance of making money, and more importantly getting publicity. I first need to  have a few iterations of creating games proficiently before I can start creating them at a decent rate, but at that time I would like to be setup to be able to create flash, desktop, and android games, even if just ports of the same game at first.

Well, back to work before my gf gets off of school at 10pm! have about 15minutes to try to get the game windows created, skinned, and determine which features need to be re-added to the window class-

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