Begining Flash Game Programming and ActionScript Programming Part 2 ALTERNATIVE (FOR MAC OR LINUX USERS): Downloading and Setting Up Eclipse (with the flash builder plugin) and Compiling Your First Program

Who This is For

This post is primarily for anyone that has to use Eclipse for actionscript programming, which is primarily for Mac, Linux, or even PC users who would rather use the eclipse platform.

FlashDevelop is only supported in windows (programmed using C#), so if using a Mac or Linux, you would have to use Eclipse with the Flash Builder plugin, or the Flash Builder, or for Mac users, code in the Flash IDE (CS3, CS4, CS5, ect).


In the previous section, I listed pros and cons of creating games in ActionScript, as well as useful terms you may encounter when programming in ActionScript.

In this section, we will download and install Eclipse (with the Flash Builder Plugin), and create our first program.

(NOTE: I installed using windows, but using a Mac or Linux should be something somewhat similar – I’ll later try to borrow a Mac, and install Ubuntu to have screen shots from them as well)

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Problems with Embedding SWFs in ActionScript or Flex

There are two ways of including assets (images, swf animations, music, ect) in your flash application. Either use the URLLoader to load the files externally, or embed your assets, so you can distribute just your swf, and not need to include any other files.

It sounds straight forward, but there any many places Flash may try to “trick you” into assuming it is behaving as expected.

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