Pickup a great LibGDX tutorial book that I was one of the technical reviewers for!

Learning LibGDX Game Development is a great LibGDX tutorial book that I have the pleasure to be associated with 😀

I mainly just double checked everything, made sure it was easy enough to follow, but the author did a surprisingly concise, yet well thought out series of tutorials, culminating in having a finished “runner” type game, using LibGDX, so you can deploy to Android, PC, Linux, Mac, even iOS now.

I learned some things about Scene2d, and I can say if you’re interested in saving some time trying to learn al; by yourself, this will give you an enormous head start.

I got a copy of the book, and my name on it, but don’t get anything else for being a technical reviewer, but I would have bought the book based on the content. Check out the table of contents for an idea of the awesome stuff it covers, you’re pretty much guarenteed to learn a lot from it.

You can pick it up from their website now at:

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