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Blogger changed, so now you can’t post to ftp directly anymore. I had it push my posts onto my websites homepage (https://www.chrismweb.com), and parsed the file using php to display only the content 😀

Took awhile to get it working, and it stinks that it is no longer a valid option, btu I guess I’ll start posting more directly on here.
I’ve been working a lot, and mostly on flash/actionscript.
I’ve bought a few flash books recently that I can highly recommend for serious game programmers, or really any actionscript programmers. “Actionscript for multiplayer games and virtual worlds”, and “real world flash game development”.
Both are very good books, and the second would have saved me months of work if I had known about it sooner.
I was very happy to find the multiplayer flash game book, and although it uses proprietary software to allow you to setup the multiplayer Java based server, I think it still does the subject justice. I’ll be mainly focusing on that for the next few weeks, as my diablo clone in flash will need that information.
The author was also so kind as to explain a system of creating isometric tiles and house to convert the mouse coordinates to screen coordinates! And it appears the a* algorithm as well.
That had taken me some time to figure out before, mostly going off of peoples posts for c++ for A* (and the AI book I have), and putting together old posts from gamedev.com.
I have a game concept for the intel game competition, but it’s due in August, and that is rapidly approaching. I want to have the prototype finished in actionscript soon, and re-create in in c++ after I get all the logic setup.
I need to also practice some art work, since for now I am a one man team :/
I can program the game without a problem, and can base a lot of the code of my previous 2d scroller, and the 2d engine I had mostly gotten finished, but there’s some new things to learn such as box2d (with scrolling), and methods of creating realistic based fighting and combo attacks.
This week I haven’t gotten much done on personal stuff, but I hope to have the basic interface for the game done this weekend, but will mostly try to finish the project plan/ timeline/ list of goals tonight, and try to get started piece by piece this weekend.
It would also be nice to finish up the diablo game to a point where it is playable again (converted it to my engine, which allowed it to have much less redundant code, but hadn’t finished porting all the features over yet).
If there are any good artists out there looking for a programmer to work on a game project with, send me an email(from my website) or leave a comment!

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