Author: Chris Moeller

  • LibGDX demo platformer for 2d side scrolling game like Mario!

    Since I had seen this post: on Badlogic, about adding a new maps API to libGDX, as well as a side scrolling demo into the official source, I have really wanted to see it in action, and play around with it a bit. So, I finally got around to downloading the source for LibGDX […]

  • How to start creating android games using the LibGDX game development framework (UPDATED with gdx-setup-ui.jar)

    NOTE: This is an updated version of a previous article, since it is now much easier+faster to create a LibGDX project using gdx-setup-ui Why Android? I’ve been creating games using flash/actionscript for a while now, but have really wanted to get started with android game development, since it’s an open source platform, the sky is […]

  • Ackmi Dress Up 2 released!!!

    Ackmi Dress Up 2 has finally been released after many months of development! You can now download Ackmi Dress Up 2 on your Android Device from the market: You can also play the game in your browser on your PC at: Or install on the chrome store at:

  • Making money on Android – tips from an Android developer

    I decided to start posting articles to update other Android developers with information I’ve found from in my games released in the past 3 years. First Game My first released Android game: Ackmi Dress Up was released on the Android market in the end of 2011, and is still going pretty strong, with regular updates. […]

  • Spine – 2D skeletal Animation software + runtimes KickStarter- discounted for 2 more days!

    I funded this awhile ago, and it was very relevant for a project I was working on, but if you guys are interested- the KickStarter has it discounted quite a bit: I’m using it instead of flash for animating characters for my game, and it does a good job, as well as being lightweight. […]

  • Learning Adobe Muse Review

    Learn to use Muse to create websites without learning HTML and CSS If you have wanted to create websites, but would rather focus on design instead of needing to first learn HTML and CSS, Adobe Muse will get you there, and this book will teach you how to use it. The book walks you through […]

  • Learning Adobe Edge Animate Review

    Create rich HTML5 applications and websites by the end of the book! The author seems to be both knowledgeable with using Flash, and HTML5, and explains the capabilities and limitations of Adobe Edge Animate, to publish HTML5 content, as compared to Flash. He also includes detailed information of what you can expect from Adobe Edge […]

  • HTML5 Video How-to Review

    Everything you would want to know about HTML5 video and more. If you are interested in displaying HTML5 video on your website, and want to know all the intricacies and challenges, this is a great book to get you started. The book covers converting your video to different HTML5 compliant codecs and formats, how to […]

  • Mastering Adobe Captivate 6 Review

    Complete guide to getting started with, and creating lessons using Captivate 6. As someone new to Captivate, I found this book very helpful got getting started with, and using Captivate. The author makes it easy to follow along with the examples, and provides an iterative approach to building lessons, which become more complicated and advanced […]

  • Zombie Marshmallows From Space!!!

    I had worked on a flash prototype a few years ago, and enjoyed the basic gameplay, so finally got around to finishing it off enough to make it a basic game, and have it now on google play. Try it out and let me know what you think! Lots of stuff I’d still like […]